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About Me

I am a postdoctoral fellow of the Center for Data and Computing and the Department of Computer Science, of the University of Chicago. Previously, I was a postdoc with the University's Harris School of Public Policy and Center for Spatial Data Science.

I am a data scientist developing methods for measuring the availability and use of civic and social resources in American cities. I use large data sources and distributed computing (edge and cloud). I am particularly interested in mobility among neighborhoods and the consequences of that mobility. My current work focuses on the measurement of Internet performance (blog, grant), and applying computer vision and electronics to build new datastreams for measuring the use of physical spaces in cities.

I am committed to developing resources for computational social science research. I have released software for measuring spatial accessibility and taught programming and statistics to graduate students in public policy.

Originally trained as an experimental particle physicist, I have worked with truly massive datasets. I came to the University as an Enrico Fermi Fellow (prize postdoc) of the Enrico Fermi Institute, working on the ATLAS Experiment on CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. I spent many years building electronics and writing firmware for measuring and reconstructing particle trajectories. As a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, I made noteworthy contributions to the discovery and first measurements of the Higgs Boson.


James Saxon, The Local Structures of Human Mobility in Chicago. Environment and Planning B, 2020. (Published version.)

James Saxon, Empirical Measures of Park Use in American Cities, and the Demographic Biases of Spatial Models. Geographical Analysis, 2020. (Published version.)

James Saxon, Reviving Legislative Avenues for Gerrymandering Reform with a Flexible, Automated Tool. Political Analysis, 2020. (Published version.)

James Saxon, Daniel Snow, A Rational Agent Model for the Spatial Accessibility of Primary Health Care. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 2019. (Published version.)

Kathryn E. Schertz, James Saxon, Carlos Cardenas-Iniguez, Luís M.A. Bettencourt, Yi Ding, Henry Hoffman, Marc Berman, Neighborhood Street Activity and Greenspace Usage Uniquely Contribute to Predicting Crime. npj Urban Sustainability, 2021.

James Saxon, Julia Koschinsky, Karina Acosta, Vidal Anguiano, Luc Anselin, Sergio Rey, An Open Software Environment to Make Spatial Access Metrics More Accessible. Journal of Computational Social Science, 2021. (Published version.)

Kyle MacMillan, Tarun Mangla, James Saxon, Nick Feamster, Measuring the Performance and Network Utilization of Popular Video Conferencing Applications. ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference, 2021.

Submitted Work

James Saxon, Nick Feamster, GPS-Based Geolocation of Consumer IP Addresses.

Working Papers

James Saxon, Methods for Respecting Political Subdivisions, in Automated Redistricting.

Selected Publications in Physics

See complete listing of publications from ATLAS, on INSPIRE HEP.

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Email: jsaxon@uchicago.edu

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Structures of Local Mobility in Chicago,
Columbia University GSAPP (Sept. 2021)